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Clear Channel

Design concept

For the hero section I decided to focus on a strong introductory message rather than a photo as I didn’t want to limit the initial impression to one product. Instead I used a graphic showing the logo shape to which I would introduce some subtle movement during the development stage.

The site navigation includes the most important links as well as an expandable menu which would show all links.

Following from the hero I have laid out the available products in a clear image focussed way which would show a bit more information about that product when hovered on (as seen on Adshel box) and click through to the relevant pages. I would add a parallax scrolling effect on the headings which have a background image throughout the page.

After this I created a small about area in which I added a few facts which show how powerful Clear Channel is and how many options they can offer nationwide, giving an insight of the size of the company which would be of interest to potential employees and show that the company has been around a long time and giving reassurance to the user that the company is reliable and established. These facts would click through to the relevant section of the about page and when hovering on the top two numbers the background map could highlight areas where the offices or products are situated.

Inspired by the ‘campaigns I love’ section on the current website I added a featured project area which would scroll through a number of the most interesting campaigns. This area could feature images or videos.

I added easy contact links to the three areas users would be visiting the site for; to talk about a project they have in mind, to express an interest in becoming a partner and to apply for current vacancies.

I kept the footer simple but linking through to social media channels, showing accreditations and highlighting that Clear Channel are an award winning company.

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